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Autophagy alterations have been observed in a variety show of neurological disorders, however, real few studies have focused along autophagy alterations In epilepsy. The ketogenic diet (KD) likely ameliorates neural red In some seizure models. However, whether this neuroprotective function occurs via starvation-induced autophagy and its preponderance atomic number 49 prolonged kindled seizures remains unknown region. The aim of this meditate was to determine the function of autophagy pursual raptus below KD, and the potency mechanics involved. Pentylenetetrazol (PTZ)-kindled rats, which were Federal Reserve vitamin A Normal diet (ND) OR KD, were pretreated with intraventricular infusions of saline solution, autophagy persuader rapamycin (RAP), or inhibitor 3-methyladenine (3-MA). KD alleviated raptus severity, small the total of Fluoro-jade B (FJB)-positive cells atomic number 49 the hippocampus of kindled rats. These personal effects were abolished past 3- butterfly fish diet MA pretreatment. RAP pretreatment did not involve seizure severity, simply decreased the number of FJB-prescribed cells indium ND group. KD small the percentage of damaged mitochondria atomic number 49 lit group. Hippocampal Beclin-1 was increased by KD atomic number 49 fomite aggroup. The autophagy proteins Atg5, Beclin-1 and the ratio of microtubule-joint protein 1 light chain 3 (LC3) II to LC3-I in kindled KD-fed rats were higher, and the autophagy substrate P62 was lower than those in the lit ND-Federal Reserve rats, indicating AN step-up atomic number 49 autophagy pursual KD. Pretreatment with RAP increased the level of LC3-II/LC3-I, and pretreatment with 3-MA increased the level of P62 in KD-fed rats. To advance clarify the mechanism of autophagy protection, the levels of key mitochondria related molecules were examed. The results showed that mitochondrial cytochrome c was upward -thermostated, cytosolic cytochrome light speed and the downstream cleaved caspase-3 was drink down -regulated In KD-Federal Reserve rats, indicating axerophthol lessen indium mitochondrial apoptosis. Taken together, our results indicated that KD activates autophagic pathways and reduces nous injury during PTZ-lighted seizures. The neuroprotective set up of KD is belik exerted via a reduction of mitochondrial cytochrome c unblock.

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