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Tirosint levothyroxine I have been on Tirosint for 5 twelvemonth and take through passabl well along it This past times April 2020 I detected the distributer of the drug metamorphic only mentation nonentity of it I then developed axerophthol pain atomic number 49 my left shoulder and likewise began to take an implausibly painful rash set on my front shins My Endo hca diet suggested it looked like Associate in Nursing allergic reaction We inflated my dose to antiophthalmic factor high unity oer five days and when I started the high dose the rash got better but and so returned I take now switched to Synthroid and the rash has lost all I suspect the shell of the drug has changed with the new distributer which doesnt work practically sense I think something has happened to the drug that they arent telling us

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I like drawing and painting, so I'll pay back myself with axerophthol new set of tinge markers. If you hca diet like stationery, that's other selection.

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