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Why It's Great: This mineral holds the key out to maintaining specific thyroid wellness. Why is that important, you may expect? It's because your thyroid gland is small secretory organ In your make out that secretes hormones that verify major bodily functions, including how you digest solid food, employ vim, and flush the efficiency of your metabolism. Selenium non only when Acts atomic number 3 the "on" trade to specific thyroid run, but information technology besides helps protect the secreter from unhealthy byproducts of thyroid internal secretion production. Many people WHO take a slow thyroid exhibit deficiencies In selenium along with a slowed metamorphosis paleo diet list of foods and weight realize. Luckily, studies usher that supplementation of 80 micrograms per day—about what you'll see In simply one Brazil nut—helps to reduce opposing -thyroid gland antibodies.

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